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Bee in Control of Your Life! 

Life seems harder for our youth today than when I was a kid. There are so many more pressures and toxic influences. Many children are experiencing anxiety, high stress, perfectionism, sleep problems, lack of motivation and lack of confidence. Some are so nervous about grades, they stop trying in school. 


With easy access to the internet many feel out of control or scared, have FOMO, or compare themselves.  This is happening while young minds are forming beliefs about who they are and are not.  


In the Thrive Hive we first learn that YOU ARE OKAY BEING YOU! Then we look at how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions affect our outside world. 

I use a PLAY BASED model because kids learn differently than adults (and really, who doesn't want to have fun while growing?) Activities are grounded in science: brain and nervous system studies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, breathwork, and some major silliness.  


Annabelle used the 'stress less' tools to make school her happy place again.


 Viv loved learning about the neural pathways in her brain using a yam and push pins! 

Meet Macy, an awesome client
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 "I don’t think these sessions could be nearly as fruitful and productive if the coach was not as devoted, charismatic, and “ALL IN” as you are. 

You are speaking her language! She is EXCITED to tell me about what she learned. You clearly get her ENGAGED in the process and thinking about things differently.

You are helping us nurture and develop an even more confident and empowered little human." - Jenn Pagano, mom of Macy

"Instead of saying, 'Ug, I don't wanna do this.' I said positive stuff to me, not negative. I can do this! I can hike this! I hiked with confidence." - Macy, age 10


Meet the Coach

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Susanna Stratford - Kids Life Coach




🐝Certified Kids Life Coach - Kids Life Studio


🐝Certified Parent Coach - Positive Discipline


🐝Elementary Educator - 10 years in grades 3,4 and           PE   

🐝Kids Yoga Instructor - 12 years, certified through                Yoga Kids International and Yoga Ed   


🐝Mom to two adult sons ages 19 and 21                           

🐝Published, three time award winning author of                "Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste" 





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