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Coaching Package age 7-18, in person or online


  🐝1 family orientation (for children ages 11 and under)

  🐝8 weekly foundational sessions

  🐝3-6 parent sessions with no child present 

  🐝1 family meeting session

  🐝1 family celebration

  🐝1 kit bag filled with manipulatives

  🐝1 "Positive Discipline" book, by Jane Nelsen


In-person sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes. Online sessions are 1 hour.

The in-person and online programs are very similar. However, online children (ages 7-10)  will be accompanied by an adult for most of the foundational sessions. 

Maintenance packages are tailored made to the needs of the child and are sold four sessions at a time. 

Serving youth in the Texas hill country area of Spring Branch, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Wimberly, Boerne and everywhere in between. 


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Coaching Package, in person or online - Young Adult (18+)

Through the personal interview we determine our focus. In these sessions there is more discovery, a concentration on self awareness and belief systems, techniques for building healthy habits, tools to manage stress and anxiety. Sessions are held with the young adult 1:1, either in person or online. Parents are not involved. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  6 foundational sessions

Maintenance packages of four sessions are available after completing the foundational sessions, for an additional fee. 

Siblings Project 

Sometimes siblings need a little help from a loving adult (who isn't their parent) to help them get along. In a playful way we develop the foundation of how to interact respectfully, create personal boundaries, learn to communicate kindly, and take ownership for apologizing and repairing when needed. This package includes loads of team building games, laughter and much more. 


🐝5 sessions in person

🐝2 hours each session

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Positive Discipline Parent Workshop

Just for the grown ups!

Gain non-punitive strategies for long term results.  Learn techniques to bond with your child, and assist them on their journey building characteristics and life skills that align with your family values. Past participants have stated how "hilarious" these meetings are! This parenting method is kind, respectful, yet firm yielding great results for both parent and child.  


  🐝6 sessions

  🐝2 hours 30 minutes each session

  🐝"Positive Discipline" book, workbook, tool kit cards,

        and a binder

You can ask your school, work place or church to sponsor a group or join up with strangers and make new connections. 10 participants minimum.

"My favorite part of this workshop was the community and realizing that I'm not in this parenting thing alone." Scott Froman, dad participant

COMING 2024!



(a camp for girls)
Discover your inner queen bee! 

Oh, honey! Are you ready to spread your wings? This buzz-worthy camp guides your may-bees and wanna-bees into AMAZE-bees! 

Your life is YOUR beeswax so learn to guide your own flight path with new skills, a new colony of friends, and lots of movement and fun! 

Spaces are limited.
Each swarm is only 12 girls. 
*yoga and mindfulness                                        *inter/intrapersonal skill building
*craft projects                                                         *tools for stress and anxiety
*healthy snacks                                                      *positive mindset development
*friendship building                                               *communication skills
*games and movement                                        *strengths discovery

Contact Me for a Registration Packet

Your camper will be submitted to camp once the full registration and payment have been received. Thank you!

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