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How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapists help people dive into the past and figure stuff out.

They help heal trauma and move forward.

I'm not a therapist.

I'm a Kids Life Coach!

Coaching looks to the future, identifying strengths within the child and building a foundation of positivity.

A Kids Life Coach uses unconventional and fun methods to introduce how the brain and nervous system works. Kids are empowered immediately to adopt healthy physical and mental habits,

and learn that THEY can be in charge of their own lives. 

A coach helps the child learn how powerful their mind is and provides the understanding that their choices can make a difference in who they want to be.

It is very appropriate for a therapist and life coach to collaborate.

Every child needs a team! 

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Check it out! 

🐝Private 1:1 Kid to Young Adult Life Coaching (ages 8 - 22)

🐝Siblings workshop 

🐝Parent workshop - six weeks, in the Positive Discipline philosophy for parents with children in elementary and middle school

🐝Online Kid (ages 8-11) and Parent/Family Life Coaching Package

🐝Online Youth and Young Adult Life Coaching (ages 12-22) (no parents)

🐝PTA or church functions - FREE 30 minute Positive Discipline parent workshop

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