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"I have become a better person, and I have a better attitude since having a kid life coach. I had a great time and feel you have had a very positive impact on me!" - Ainsley F., age 12


"One of my favorite things about coaching is the visualizations and the chance to just slow down and give my mind a break." - Calvin F., age 16

"You were a life raft during Covid virtual learning and beyond." - Stacey Field, mom of Zachary, age 10

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"She’s much happier and the dynamic of our entire family is SO MUCH BETTER." - Amy Pagano, mom of Vi, age 8 

"I get to do cool things like play games. She helps me think about things in a new way." - Adam F., age 13

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"Ozzy used the tools you covered this week with Maggie. It worked beautifully!" - Dione Froman, mom of Charlie, age 13, Maggie, age 11 and Ozzy, age 8


"The sessions were calming or had me leaving in a better mood than I'd come in with. It became something I looked forward to each week. 

I gained many helpful tools to help me tackle what was going on in my life, and many of them I still use on a daily basis." James H., age 17

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"The Positive Discipline class taught me so many great skills on ways to make interacting with my children a positive experience for all of us. It gave me many solutions to the battles that seemed to reoccur. Our household has become more calm and collected and we all have a mutual respect for one another. I highly recommend this course!" - Dawnelle Smith

I took the Positive Discipline class with Susanna with the hopes that I would have better skills and more patience with my kids. I walked away with tools and so much more. Susanna's emphasis on empathy and desired outcome, coupled with "the rules" we grew up with, has made an incredible impact on not only my family, but myself. I recognized that some of my old childhood hurts were not fully healed, and I was carrying them forward with my children. Through exploring what I wanted for and from my children, I have also been able to heal myself. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is curious about parenting techniques that help you feel more centered and connected with your children.  -Katie Johnson, Renton, WA, parent to "kids" ages 21, 16, and 8

My son struggles with negative thoughts and perfectionism, and Susanna was exactly what we needed! She has taught him so many skills to overcome many of his challenges and he has really listened and applied them. We are so grateful for the Thrive Hive. - Breanna Morris,  mother to James, age 7

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